It’s been a super busy couple of weeks in my house. My daughter started her second year of preschool last week, and we had a holiday weekend. My nephew turned four and we were able to celebrate his remarkable spirit and courage over the weekend. I’ve been working like crazy on polishing up my first MS. I honestly feel like I hit the jackpot with my new CP (critique partner), and hope she feels half as lucky as I do! She has given me amazing guidance and support in my revisions, as well as becoming a friend I can email through out the day to escape the walls that sometimes seem to close in around me when I’m home all day with my children. My WIP (work in progress) has been somewhat neglected, but I just haven’t been able to find the time to dive back into that story while trying to make Jonah and Jillian shine the way I want them to.

But all of that dims in comparison to the real highlight of the past week. The return of college football. My husband and I are both huge football fans, and we are tying to raise our kids right by instilling this love in them as well. Football is something my husband and I can enjoy together, and we seem to spend a lot more time together when fall returns and brings with it the game we love. We even play in the same fantasy football league, but the NFL doesn’t bring us as much joy since we are Cleveland Browns fans. Scott (the hubby) jokes he knew he wanted to marry me when he came home from work and I was sitting in his room by myself watching football, and was then able to tell him play by play how the game was going. Actually, I don’t think this is a joke. I really think this is the moment he knew I was the one.

There is only one, rather big, problem when it comes to football in my house. I am a Michigan fan, and my poor husband is an Ohio State fan. Neither one of us will ever change, and this will always be a sore spot in our marriage. We are, as they say, a house divided, and nothing will ever bring us together. Ok, so this might be a little bit dramatic, but it’s not too far off the mark. We’ve already began fighting over who are children will root for, and I think the only times we’ve ever really been upset with each other’s families are when they’ve over stepped their boundries and tried to sway the kids one or way or another. (I’m looking at you, John Haas)

This all important Saturday had my husband watching the buckeyes downstairs, and me watching the wolverines upstairs…a house divided. Tootsie is four and has been told she needs to be either a buckeyes fan or a wolverine fan from birth. I’m ashamed to say that Saturday, she finally took a stand and broke her mother’s heart. She said she was a buckeye fan, and further more I should be one too. She said we all needed to like the same team. Ok, she shouted we all needed to like the same team! I hate to say it, but it was pretty funny. Watching her get so worked up about it, and knowing she wasn’t going to be able to change me mind. It got me thinking about my writing. It made me think about how I want everyone to love my books! It made me realize that no matter how much I scream at people that they will need to like my book, damnit, I won’t be able to change peoples mind if they don’t like what they read. Romance novels aren’t for everyone, hell contemporary romance novels aren’t for everyone. But that’s ok.

I’m still polishing my MS, and will be polishing up the next one and the next one. My book isn’t out there (yet!), but I know that when it is out there, there will be people who aren’t a fan of it. Hell, my own husband hasn’t even read it (sorry babe), but that’s ok. I don’t read most of the books he recommends to me, either! I know a time will come when the negative opinion of others will discourage me and get me down, but I hope I can think back to the day my daughter tried with all her might to make me a buckeye. Somethings just aren’t meant to be.

And for all you wolverine fans out there, don’t worry! She changed her mind and said she liked both teams because she didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling. I’ll keep working on her ;o)